Qualities to Look for in a Retirement Home

If your family member needs constant care and you are unable to provide it for them you might consider having them stay in a retirement home. In the past it was considered taboo to put a loved one inside a retirement home but that stigma has become more palatable as Baby Boomers are placing their loved ones in a retirement home.

Depending on where you live the retirement homes could either be government or privately funded. There are some important distinctions to bear in mind when assessing prospective retirement homes.

Privately Funded Retirement Homes

This retirement home must meet the minimum standards established by the government but since the residents are paying for the facilities they have a larger range of activities to choose from. The amenities within the privately funded retirement home tend to be more enjoyable and the resident to staff ratios more manageable. Since the residents need to pay for these services privately they will either need to have savings in place or their family may have to cover the costs associated with this type of care.

Government Funded Retirement Homes

With these homes the government administers them and funds using the taxpayer money. Since these retirement homes are managed by the government they are open to residents. The waiting lists for these retirement homes can be quite long and is needs based. This means an individual could be forced to wait months or even years before they are able to get inside a retirement home. These establishments tend to have a high staff to patient ratio so it may not be an ideal setting for your loved one.

The decision to place a loved one into a retirement home is not one to be taken lightly. If you have the ability, consider using the privately funded one. These privately funded retirement homes tend to be run more like a luxury hotel so your family member does not feel alienated.